Terrific news! Rebecca Leighton has been accepted as a member of the diocesan Youth Ministry Team for the next academic year.

Rebecca (18) has agreed to give up a year of her life  to dedicate it as a volunteer to spreading the Good News amongst young people and schools in the diocese. Places available to do this work are limited and competition is fierce, so she must have convinced the diocesan interviewers by her determination and willingness to take on a challenge!

Rebecca is currently our youngest Special Minister of the Eucharist and was a member of the young people’s team which developed this website. She has lots of experience in formulating liturgies and events for young people. In fact, Rebecca and a team are working on a special Mass for St. Columba’s right now!

Those of you with a good memory will also remember Rebecca as Young Mayor of North Tyneside, so she has lots of experience in leading groups and “delivering the goods”.

Rebecca is the second young person from our parish to have achieved the honour of being selected for the YMT. Amy Sewell joined YMT not so long ago and spent an incredible year at work  bringing the Gospel to young people across the diocese and beyond. A parish group were able to visit Amy at the Youth Village near Allensford to see how the YMT lived and worked as a community  and hear at first hand the exciting challenges faced by the team and their innovative ways of rising to them.

Well done, Rebecca and Amy: your work will reap huge benefits in years to come.

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