Congratulations to our Super Servers on their examination results this year!!

We all know they are a bunch of super young people and we would be hard pressed to do without them. We are grateful for their commitment to serving at Mass and their courage in living out their Faith in such a way. Thank you.

No surprise that they are equally good when it comes to study!

Congratulations, then, to

Amie Shiels on tremendous success at A level, now on her way to Northumbria university to study History;

to Rachael Chapman for her great results at AS level, now continuing to study Ethics  and Theology at STM

to Jamie Shiels for splendid results at GCSE, now going on for A levels at STM


to Matthew McCann for superb results at GCSE, also going on for A levels at STM.

You’re  a star, each and every one of you!

Or should that be A*…..??!!