Families are very welcome at St. Columba’s and we have a range of offerings to enable them to take part in liturgies.

The Children’s Chapel

child_chapelChildren   have   their    own   little chapel   at St. Columba’s!  Just to the right of the seats is an area where parents with babies and toddlers (up to age four) can sit during Mass, if they want to. There are toys and books to explore and it means that Mum and Dad do not need to be separated from the whole church family at our Masses.

The Children’s Liturgy

At the 9:00 am Mass, toddlers’ older sisters and brothers have their own liturgy.  At the beginning of the service, the children gather before the Altar and are presented with the Book of The Good News.  They then process off to the hall for their own period of activities and reflection before coming back at the Offertory to lead the congregation in prayers.

Children aged four to teenage years are welcome, although teenagers can be sure they will get a job!

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