Sunday Mass

Sunday Mass takes place weekly at 9:30am

Weekday Mass

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Arranged by appointment. Please contact us.

Welcome to the Catholic parish of Our Lady and St. Columba, a community of faith living in the centre of Wallsend, Great Britain. Our lives are dedicated to celebrating the Good News of the Risen Lord and seeking to serve.

If you would like to explore further the joy of being part of theĀ  Catholic faith or join us in worship and prayer in our wonderful church building, please get in touch.

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Spare a Prayer for Priests

Remember the service of our Priests and Religious during this pandemic. Please remember them in your prayers….. Take a look at the video link below which illustrates their dedication.


Sunday Mass on Facebook Page

Until we can all get back together for Sunday Mass, Father David can be seen celebrating Mass in our beautiful Church on our Facebook page. Why not be together in spirit?

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